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At InfraRed+ we pride ourselves on making your home comfortable and stylish.

Infrared panels are far more attractive than radiators and deliver a much more natural warmth. Infrared heating directly warms objects in your home rather than the air. This uses less energy and generates a more comfortable heat. Objects heated by infrared are warm all the way through as if they’ve been sat in the sun. The panels are available in a huge range of designs including glass, mirrored and aluminium. They can even be disguised as photo canvases to blend in with the decor of your home.

Infrared Heating Panels for the Home

Infrared heating has numerous benefits for the home. Taking up less energy and space than conventional systems, you will be helping the environment and have more room in your house. Additionally, infrared systems don’t use convection currents and as a result, don’t spread allergens around the home. The infrared heating panels are ideal for off gas and well-insulated properties.

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Installation of Infrared Heating

Our specialists deliver a full service, including property surveying, installation and aftercare. You can use our online calculator to get an estimate of the right panels and the cost of installation in your home. Our installation experts will then survey your property to ensure the most cost-effective panels are fitted. Installation of infrared panels is fast, requiring far less equipment than conventional heating systems.

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Why is InfraRed+ heating more efficient?

Less Energy, More Heat

Infrared heaters heat the objects in the space around it, rather than the air so that means less energy is needed to heat your home.

Stops Allergens from Spreading

Unlike conventional heating, infrared doesn’t cause the risk of spreading allergens around the house so you can be sure of a healthy environment.

Minimal Servicing of Equipment

With no pipes or pumps needed, the InfraRed+ heating system doesn’t leave you out of pocket year on, year out with a lot less equipment to be serviced.

Installation Experts

Our qualified teams install infrared panels into your home leaving no seams. By taking accurate measurements from your home, we are able to install the best panels to deliver an even and comfortable warmth.

Our installation team always ensure the job is finished to an excellent standard and ensure that you know how to use your new heating system. You can view our case studies here

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