“The cold spots went immediately and the panels warm up instantly, which is perfect when we come back cold after football practice.”

When Mrs Husdson’s heating system couldn’t handle any more radiators, infrared panels were a cost-effective heating solution.

Mrs Hudson is a hard-working professional and mum of two. She shares a four-bedroom home in Pudsy with her husband and two young boys. Being a working mum, she needs her home to be comfortable and warm when she comes home after a busy day.

When Mrs Husdon had a house extension, her heating system suddenly stopped performing as well as it did before. This is because the new radiators she had installed with the extension were straining the heating system.

When your heating system is strained, it’s effectiveness is reduced. Meaning cold spots will appear, and it’s more likely to break down. Breakdowns can lead to hefty repair & servicing costs, so Mrs Hudson needed to find a solution.

Unsettled by the strained system and the cold spots in her home, she arranged a visitation with our infrared experts. After thoroughly surveying her home, it was clear that infrared panels were a cost-effective solution to her problem.

The Results

The infrared heating panels made a difference as soon as they were installed! The strain on the boiler was reduced, and the cold spots went instantly. Moreover, the infrared panels deliver a more even heat than the original heating system did before the extension.

As well as eliminating cold spots, infrared panels warm instantly and can be activated individually. Meaning you don’t waste money heating rooms you’re not using.


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