“The biggest benefit is I've got heat when I want it at my temperature.”

We all know how it feels to receive an energy bill that doesn’t meet our expectations. Mr Teal is an elderly gentleman who knows that feeling all too well. He shares a cosy bungalow home with his wife and his collection of tropical fish. So, as you can imagine, he needs a heating system that keeps them all comfortable.

Unfortunately, Mr Teal’s old storage heaters were so expensive and inefficient that he was struggling to heat his home for more than a third of a day.

Until recently that is. Mr Teal arranged a free visitation with our infrared fitters who took some measurements of his house. After a thorough evaluation of the property, they found that he would save a huge amount of money by switching to infrared panels.

The Results

Mr Teal took our fitters advice and had the infrared panels installed. The result? He’s not looked back since! He is now able to heat his home to his desired temperature for 24 hours a day, for the same cost as his old storage heaters. That’s three times more cost effective!

The couple now benefits from a comfortable and consistent heat throughout their cosy bungalow home. They can monitor this through their smart controls. Each room can be set individually to the desired temperature (reducing energy wasted on rooms they are not using).

Mr & Mrs Teal are so delighted with the new heating system that they would never go back to their old storage heaters.

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