“The panels look amazing, and they’ve improved the air quality too!”

Infrared heating improved Mr Wilson’s interior design and helped with his daughters asthma.

You’ve probably thought about it before… radiators are ugly, clunky and loud, and yet most people still have one in every single room in their house. Mr Wilson is an engineer from Leeds who thought the exact same thing.

Mr Wilson lives in a three-bedroom house with his wife, who is an artist and his nine-year-old daughter. His daughter is asthmatic, so it’s essential the house has a fresh air supply.

Frankly, Mr Wilson was irritated by his radiators. They were eyesores, they were loud, they took up too much space, and the convection system irritated his daughter’s asthma. He wanted something that would add to the appeal of his modern house, and be less of a burden on his daughter’s breathing.

After a bit of digging, Mr Wilson came across Infrared+. He discovered that infrared panels delivered everything he was looking for. The attractive designs would compliment his modern interior, create more space and they operate silently. Moreover, infrared panels don’t create convection currents, meaning they don’t disturb allergens, which is ideal for asthmatics.

After arranging a free visitation with our experts, they surveyed his property and advised him on the best infrared panels for his house. They also presented him with a range of styling options to choose from.

The Results

After considering all the benefits, Mr Wilson decided to install infrared heating in his home. Fitting the panels only took one day, and Mr Wilson is thrilled with the results. The panels are discreet and stylish, adding a more modern appeal to the property as well as increasing space. The whole family has also noticed an improvement in air quality.

“It’s really nice in the gym, it’s not stuffy, and it feels like I’m working out in the sun.”


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