Our Service

We are infrared heating experts. Our qualified installers survey and fit your panels so you experience optimum performance.

Our qualified team at InfraRed+ are on hand to get your heating panels installed and ready to use.

You need the right size and type of panels to deliver the optimum heating effect in your home. We will help you choose the most effective infrared panels for you. Our installation teams will survey your home to ensure your panels deliver an even and cosy warmth throughout your home.

Installation takes around one day for an average three bedroom house, and we always ensure you know exactly how to use your new system before we leave. No maintenance is required, just the occasional clean, and our aftercare team are on hand to help if you face any issues.


Our infrared heating installers are trained to fit your panels quickly, and with no hassle. Installation requires no pipes or pumps at all, just a connection to an electricity supply. The panels are easily fitted to your wall or ceiling, and we ensure all the electrics are out of sight.

You can customise your panels to blend in with the style of your home. Our range of custom options includes glass, mirrored, aluminium, painted and photo covered.

After you’ve decided on the ideal panels for your home, we can get straight to installation. Installation is quick and easy for our specialists, and once it’s fitted, the smart heating system will keep you warm and cosy all year round. You can effortlessly set the temperature in each room using a thermostat. The radiant heat feels like natural sunlight in your home.

Customer Service

We know how important your heating is, that’s why we pride ourselves on great customer service. We are scrupulous about our service and won’t leave a job in anything less than an excellent standard.

There are fewer parts on an infrared heating system than a conventional heating system, so it won’t need servicing. We always ensure you know exactly how to use your thermostat and infrared panels before we leave, so you can get the most out of your heating system.

If you ever need any assistance after installation, our aftercare team are always on hand and happy to help with anything. We value our clients above all else and believe that a strong relationship is the most important factor in any transaction. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that all our customers are delighted with our service.

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