Who Are We

We are infrared heating professionals, striving for a more cost and energy efficient solution to heating your home.

We are InfraRed+. We help you to create a warm and stylish interior without the hassle and cost of conventional heating.

We are pushing for sustainable energy in the UK, specialising in the installation of infrared heating systems in your home. Infrared heating panels are much more sustainable than regular heating systems. Using radiant heat, they directly warm objects in the room rather than the air. This delivers a more even and comfortable warmth throughout your home.

Our Infrared panel heaters are cheaper to install than conventional heating systems, and they’re more energy efficient. They also have similar running costs, and if you have solar panels, you may be able to power your heating using completely sustainable energy.

Conventional heating systems are equipment heavy. Lot’s of pipes and pumps require regular service and maintenance. We install infrared panels that connect directly to an electricity supply. Our installation specialists are able to swiftly install high performing panels with no visible wires or seams. The smart system will keep you just as cosy and warm as a regular heating system.

Infrared panels are ideal for off gas locations like city centres, flats, and well insulated rural houses. Our panels are designed to make your home more attractive and functional. Taking up less space than radiators, you can mount them on walls or ceilings and disguise them as mirrors, glass panels, or even photos.

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