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Infrared heating is the most natural form of warmth and can be entirely green when added with solar panels

Why is InfraRed+ heating more efficient?

Infrared heaters are an energy efficient heating solution, much more sustainable than conventional alternatives. When used with solar panels, it is the most energy efficient form of heating. On a sunny winters day, your heating could be completely free. Even without solar panels, the system is powered by electricity, meaning it has similar running costs to alternative heating systems.

Infrared panels emit radiant heat that reaches you instantly, so you feel the warmth straight away. Think of how the sun warms objects on a hot day. If you left a blanket out in the sun, it would feel the same as if it was warmed by an infrared heating panel.

Instead of directly warming the air, your infrared panels will directly heat objects in the room. As the objects get warm, they release their extra heat into the air. This gradually spreads a comfortable, and even warmth throughout the room until it reaches the perfect temperature for you. You can set your ideal temperature using a thermostat, just like you would with a conventional heating system.

As well as delivering a comfortable warmth, infrared panels connect directly to a power supply, so they don’t require any pipes or pumps. This means you don’t have to worry about leaky pipes damaging your home, and the robust design means you won’t have to fork out for repair and maintenance costs every year. Moreover, infrared heaters have many health benefits, including improving your blood circulation, which helps boost your immune system.

Less Energy, More Heat

Regular central heating systems use convection currents to heat the air in a room. The circulating air is uncontrollable and allows lots of heat to escape to the surroundings. The radiant heat emitted by infrared rays directly warms anything it touches (including people) creating a natural warmth as if your whole room is heated by the sun.

This direct form of heating is excellent for combating damp and ensures there are no cold spots in your home. Infrared panels are ideal for off gas locations and well-insulated properties.

Conventional heating requires you to fire up the whole boiler to heat just one room. With infrared heating, you only need to activate panels in the rooms you want to heat. It’s also faster warming than conventional heating, you feel the heat as soon as the panels warm up (around 30 seconds).

Stops Allergens from Spreading

The convection currents created by regular heating systems cause warm air to rise and cold air to sink in circulation around your rooms. This air circulation lifts and moves allergens like dust around the house, which can aggravate allergies.

The radiant heat emitted by the panels directly warms objects in the room, alleviating the need for air movement. This means the allergens in your home are not disturbed, leaving you with a much healthier environment.

Regular radiators and heaters are also prone to collecting dust. Wall and ceiling mounted panels have flat, sealed designs that limit the extent of dust they collect. Hear it first hand from our customers.

Minimal Servicing of Equipment

Installing an Infrared heating system is faster and more cost effective than installing a regular heating system. There are no pipes or pumps needed, just an electricity supply. It takes our qualified installers around a day to fit an infrared system into a regular three bedroom house.

Infrared panels have fewer parts, so there’s less that can go wrong. They don’t require any servicing either, so you’ll probably save money on costly repairs and maintenance each year. The only thing you need to do over a panel’s long lifespan, is to wipe its surface clean.

Space Efficient & Flexible Placement

As well as being energy efficient, infrared panels can be placed almost anywhere in a room. The slim designs are installed on your walls or ceilings, alleviating the need for chunky radiators, and freeing up room space.

The size of the infrared panels you need depends on the construction of your home. You can use our online calculator to get an estimate, and our installation experts will survey your property to ensure you get panels that deliver effective heating. We’ll also help you decide on positioning that looks goods and keeps you cosy and warm. Take a look at our products.

Stylish By design

Infrared panels are discreet and attractive in any room they are placed. The sleek designs are modern, functional and much more interesting than radiators. You can disguise them as paintings, photo canvases and mirrors among any other creative ideas you have.

As well as looking fantastic, the panels are silent, so they won’t annoy you like whistling radiators. They also free up space in the household, so you have more room for furniture and decorations. It’s easy to find the right panels for your home, just use our online calculator to get an estimate, and our specialist team will ensure you get the right panels for your home. Browse our range here.

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